What Moves You?

10 12 2009

General Project Information:

Questions: How will your project uniquely contribute to the Stanford community?  This project was developed primarily for Dance Marathon. It will allow our charitable Stanford community members to channel their inspiration and create art as they are participating in a much larger cause, a 24 hour benefit for AIDS.

What Moves You? gives those involved in service the opportunity to have an immediate way of witnessing their own community’s emerging identity. What Moves You? combines the intimate personal window offered by dance and film with interactive methods of media distribution. By developing a framework for this communication to occur en masse, I would allow for a cultural artifact to be explored by the rest of the student body.

By creating this project, I can give others the tools to express themselves through dance, without having to be able to make the moves themselves, I have never seen anything like this produced at student art events, and it is an opportunity to begin moving contemporary art beyond the walls of the gallery and into the more general stanford community.

Description of Project:

What Moves You? is an interactive video and collaborative art piece, to be installed at Dance Marathon 2010. It serves as an inspiration by allowing participants to interactively “remix” beautiful videos of their own dancing silhouettes, recorded onsite, by allowing user control of slow/fast motion and mixing multiple bodies together. The sculpture will consist of two parts: a recording area, and a projector and screen with a podium of rotary control knobs for interactive mixing of video and audio.

At the beginning of the marathon, the art piece will essentially be blank. Participants will go to the recording area and be video-taped doing 1 minute of dancing against a backlit backdrop. They will also answer the question: What Moves You? for audio recording. That recorded video and audio content will be processed by the computer server to fit in to the prefabricated Isadora framework for video and audio remixing. This will make it immediately available to the projector on the remixing side of the project.

Once a video is recorded and fit into framework (a process that only takes a few minutes), onlookers and participants will be able to to go to the projector screen and use rotary control knobs to remix content. Each looping dance clip will have four controls: 1) Transparency (like volume) 2)Speed (-2.5x to 2.5x speed) 3) Jog (jump to different position in the clip 4)Alpha Mask (something that edits out the background and lets multiple clips be seen with full transparency). These controls will be well documented, and are very intuitive–it almost becomes the video equivalent of DJ “scratching.”. The buttons on the rotary controls will launch that persons inspiring audio response to the question: What moves you.

Please see https://emergentsounds.wordpress.com for a video demonstration of what this remix process looks like. As the night goes on, clip slots will become filled by dancers. The project has the capacity to simultaneously hold 32 different clips, and when full it will become a unique cultural artifact of what occurred during the night. By empowering participants to dynamically create their own art experience, the content does more than just inform, it provides the building blocks for immediate and fulfilling personal action, and the result is a beautiful mirror of our collective experience and community of support. I see this art project as the capstone achievement for my MST major. It may sound crazy, but I absolutely have the skills and the experience to pull this off.




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