The Self Educating Space

3 05 2009


      Imagine a space where you walk in and are instantly encouraged to become creative.  Where it is easy to take responsibility for your own growth, where resources are readily available and well designated.  Where it is easy to surprise yourself, where you would be asked to connect the dots.  When this connects with a social environment, when people come together and educate themselves in play, this is when ideas for the next step are born.

The Self Educating Space is a forum for exploring what is on our plate, for recognizing the familiar faces of individuals who actually show up, those that take active steps to feel personally responsible for the things they want to be part of.  Any education can only be offered, and it is up to an individual to decide for themselves whether they can take up the seed and run with it.  A successful classroom is one that makes that this transition into experimentation easy, and allows participants to readily share the results of their experiments with others.


A shared vocabulary develops among peers in this situation, where the implications of new knowledge can be discussed.  This kind of creative and collaborative atmosphere is essential for the advancement of any field, it is the necessary element for movements to begin.  An example:  Why is it that solar power and recycling have arisen from groups that readily attend bluegrass music festivals?  The new lessons of social ecology demonstrate that there is only one movement, and it gathers its energy from people of active minds coming together over simple events that inspire creativity and cultivate community.

The Self Educating Space represents my immediate contribution to creating this kind of education.  It will take the form of an event, to occur in a sound intallation at CCRMA Stage in June, 2009.  It will provide oppurtunities for immediate sonic experimentation:  Immediate and simple Sound Games.  Intuitively designed DJ labs.  Internet Learning Stations (computers and projectors on the internet, lists of google and YouTube Keywords).  Streaming Footage.  Live Looping Performance and Workshops.  And Beer.




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