Monome, Chop and Instant Remix

28 04 2009

The aesthetic has been developing.  I now understand the need to have an interactive workshop component to my performance.  I believe the final performance will consist of a simple live looping composition, paired with an installation that audience participants will be able to explore and alter their sonic enviroments.

This week I began fabricating the arduinome.  This will present an array of 32 pressure sensitive light up buttons for use in the installation/performance.  The matter here is assembling and wiring in order to get a functional prototype, as well as examining the open source community for max patches that will enable the run time.


Live looping experimentation got underway this week.  I assigned an array of record buttons onto tracks and developed a simple strumming pattern to capture on the fly.  The breakthrough came with the additon of Automator, a mac program which monitors mouse clicks.  This means I can build in the architecture for chopping loops for a loop that doesn’t exist yet, and feasibly capturing a loop and chopping it on the fly.  This can be paired with a MIDI Translator, which will translate a midi message into a mouse click.  I can then send a MIDI “AutoChop” Message froma device to chop a loop on the fly.

Another big development was more integrated use of effects chains in Ableton.  I was able to make an “Instant Remix” function that assigns five classes of midi numbers to certain beat-repeat/FX functions.  I can then use one knob to cycle through the FX chains, thus eliminating the need for on/off buttons or individual sends.  

What I’m seeing as far as the big picture is using these developments to facilitate my live-looping composition by chopping and remixing on the fly, as well as in developing user-friendly upper-level functions such as FX that can exist in a simple and approachable form, such as only needing one knob.




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