Stanford Industries Presents: The Machine

14 04 2009


The Machine is a fully interactive sound installation.  It is based around the theme of a circus game tent, and allows for instantaneous creativity and emergent musical experiences to arise.  It was installed for the larger circus installation that served as an immersive setting for a party on Saturday, April 11th.

The machine consists of several local sound games, from put-put golf to analogue signal processing with a theremin.  It represents an interdisciplinary effort to create a place of instant and immediate creativity.  The user ineraction was divided into 4 sub spaces:  Analog Processing, The Kitchen (with microphone processing and toys and blenders and things), The Love Seat (with rate controlled subwoofer and telephone messages), and the Sound Box (mini golf, and 12 buttons placed around the room to createambient and triggered noises).  Knobs and pressure sensitive sliders were used to control repeat rate and grain spray in the Kitchen processing unit, and there was a global “Destroyer” button that prompted and instance of the LiveCut algorithm for slicing samples on the fly, resulting in cool remix.

Sample Sound #1 (Pleasure Club, playing over telephone in loveseat)

Sample Sound #2 (Lullaby, instantiated by user interaction on theatrical blue button, followed by livecut “Destroyer”)

Download Complete Ableton Set






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