220C Project: Intuitive Interfaces for Live Performance

1 04 2009

This project is a composition based on multiple levels of user interaction. The composition results from the combination of smart user interface mappings to process and organize sounds.  The tools used will be Ableton Live, various plugins for granular synthesis and randomization, as well as custom control surfaces and expressive assignments to increase workflow productivity and redefine musical interaction. 


Sounds will be sampled from real-world applications and instruments, and processed using side-chain gating, routing through to analogue signal processing systems, and will be using granular synthesis and other algorithmic models to morph existing waveforms into entirely new sounds.  The sounds at each point of the composition process will be “performed” with live manipulation of filter controls, as well as developing time-glitching performance algorithms to rearrange waveform playback on the fly.  The final composition / performance will be a result of the layering of these pre-recorded perfromances into an organizational model that allows for performance expressiveness while maintaining a certain degree of predictability.


Progress Reports

4/5:  I have been building a library of samples. The control surfaces have been taking shape as part of a sound installation project I am doing for a Circuis peerformance on campus.  I am translating MIDI Drum pads and potentiometers and switches into data sent to Ableton.  These are coding for immediate performance tasks such launching and scrubbing some of the samples, and building a lower-level phrase higherarchy.  Certain samples are being played through acoustic processing methods (distortion pedals, old amplifiers, PA in very resonant spaces) in order to get a certain acoustic resonant quality that is not present in synthesized sounds.




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